Guest Book for Reginald Schardt

Provided by W.K. Sujkowski & Son Funeral Home

Posted by: David C Wells
Tue November 26, 2019
Today, I read of Reggie’s passing and it brought back a few thoughts and a lasting memory for me. Our paths crossed occasionally, as one might expect, since we lived on the same south end street for a time and we both spent our life’s work within the Toledo Police Department.  However, there was one occasion that stood out above all the others.  In the off chance, that Reggie didn’t share this story with any of the family, then please allow me to provide this short story regarding this meeting.  Let’s title the story:


It was a warm Halloween night, or should I say, late afternoon, in 1978, perhaps, 1979, as best as I can recollect.   I had donned my home-made Spiderman costume, preparing to hand out goodies to the soon-to-be arriving trick and treaters.  As I set up the candy bowls and made ready my evening of fun, I happened to notice a police car driving down Spencer at a slow rate of speed.  I immediately recognized the crew, namely, Officer Reggie Schardt and his partner Officer Gary Monto.  My 1st thought was that Reggie was swinging by his house to check on his family and monitor the neighborhood. Then a 2nd and more a mischievous idea entered my web slinging mind.  Acting upon that impulsive thought and fearing no repercussion, due to my mask and hidden identity I ran up to squad car and sprayed them both with silly string: a can of which I had concealed up each sleeve.  Before, I knew what happen they had stopped the car, jumped out and the chase was on.  I didn’t get very far before I was tackled and handcuffed and shoved into the backseat of the squad car.  They then took my mask off and realized who they had caught.  Now, they had a dilemma of sorts.  What to do?  An actual arrest and subsequent booking at the county jail was not the proper response, yet, some punishment must be mete out.  Justice must be served for this unprovoked attack.  So, the two street savvy officers opted for a different type of punishment.  The two radioed dispatch and asked to be placed out of service.  I was then taken to the Scott Park District Station and paraded about to the officers reporting into work for the 8 x 4 shift. After roll call, I was escorted into the District Commander’s Office to meet Captain Scoble.  Everyone had a good laugh.  From there, I was displayed much like a trophy and transported around south Toledo as they met up with other working crews.   I think we even responded to a few calls as I sat in the backseat.   After several hours, the streets became active with goblins, witches and rowdies and the calls for service started rolling into dispatch.  As dedicated and hardworking officers, they realized it was time to abandon their fun for the day and get back to work. I was dropped back off at home, unharmed, for the most part.  It was a very memorable Halloween for all of us. Afterall, very few officers or anyone else for that matter can say they unmasked Spiderman.

My hope is that this story helped bring a smile or two to all during this difficult time.  My condolences to the surviving family members and may God Bless you all.

David Wells, TPD Badge # 798  - (back in the day)