Guest Book for Joseph P Rozanski

Provided by W.K. Sujkowski & Son Funeral Home

Posted by: Dennis Sulewski
Sat October 24, 2020
One of the best teachers at CCHS. Enjoyed watching the Watergate hearings, with his commentary. Sympathies to all who knew him.

Posted by: James Thurston
Sun October 25, 2020
Mr. Rozanski was one of the greatest teachers I've ever had at Central Catholic High School. I had his class the last period of the day, and being in class would always be fun. Being in government class i would learn much more thanks to him.

James Thurston, class of 2000

Posted by: Ellen (Best) Mackowiak
Sun October 25, 2020
Mr. Rozanski,
You were one of a kind. My sister and I grew up with your name as our mom taught with you at CCHS. When I attended CCHS your persona roamed the halls; as did your heart of gold. Many blessings for you and your family. Rest In Peace and thank you for your service. ❤️

Posted by: Anne (Wernert) Seikel
Sun October 25, 2020
You respected your students as fellow citizens and invited local politicians to the classroom to speak with us.
I will forever remember you feeding the squirrels outside the classroom window, running the Shamrock Shop, or standing in an alcove to surprise me...

Posted by: Patricia Errington King
Sun October 25, 2020
May you Rest In Peace, Joe. I enjoyed knowing you while I taught at CCHS. May the Lord comfort your family left behind.

Posted by: Ed Wenger
Sun October 25, 2020
Rest In Peace Joe. Thank you for your excellent instruction in the classroom about our government and about life itself. Most of all thank you for being a true friend and being a big influence in my life.

Posted by: Mike Reilly
Sun October 25, 2020
Mr. Rozanski was a legend! His teaching style and way of making you feel like the most important person in the room was the best. He was the main reason I choose to get my teaching degree. He made Government class fun and interesting, not an easy thing to do with a bunch of 17 & 18 year olds! I just loved going into the back of the bookstore every morning for visits where he'd be playing a Janis Joplin song. My fellow classmate and I here in San Diego (Gary Baz '71) were just talking about fond memories of Joe just a few week ago. RIP Mr. Rozanski!

Posted by: Angela Waker
Sun October 25, 2020
my condolences to Joette and family

Posted by: Sue (McNutt) Krieger
Sun October 25, 2020
Thoughts and prayers to Joette.  Your dad was well respected.  Class of '74 Sue (McNutt) Krieger

Posted by: Nancy Klatt Navarre
Sun October 25, 2020
R.I.P. Mr Rozanski.  You were a great American Government teacher and my first boss (I worked for you in the CCHS bookstore at lunch time).  God Bless.

Posted by: Bill Declercq
Sun October 25, 2020
What a Central Catholic legend. By far my favorite teacher. His classes were fun and very informative. He got me very interested in following politics. He took me aside before I left for military service. Gave me some fatherly advice laced with his famous “Rozanskism”. Cherished memories of him. My thoughts and prayers for Joe and his family. Remember when he raffled John Niezgoda’s cast from his knee surgery? Only Joe could pull that off.

Posted by: Leslie Simmons
Sun October 25, 2020
Thoughts and prayers to the family. Had Mr. Rozanski for government at CCHS. Also had the pleasure of caring for him at McMahon Chiropractic. He was a very nice man. He will be missed.

Posted by: Robbie Jasin
Sun October 25, 2020
Joette, Condolences to you and to all who loved and admired your dad.  I was fortunate to have had him as my government teacher, class of 1971.  He was even gracious enough to come to my wedding.

Posted by: Ann Murawski
Sun October 25, 2020
Joette, I am so sorry for your loss. He is now with your mother and brother and watching over you. Ann Murawski

Posted by: Larry McCartney; Class of 1967
Sun October 25, 2020
May his soul and the souls of all the faithfully departed rest in the eternal peace that he earned and so deserves.  Mr. Rozanski was a good and faithful servant of an all-mighty, all-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful, all-merciful, all-forgiving God.  He left an indelible mark on the lives of so many.  He was more than a teacher.  He was an educator and equally important he was an example; an extraordinary educator and example.  The lessons I learned from Mr. Rozanski have served me well in life.  He had arrived @ Central Catholic shortly before his young son died.  He handled his grief with amazing dignity.  When I faced adversity of my own only a few years later I came to understand and appreciate just some of what he endured.  His example helped me to deal with my own heartbreak.  Every time I would get 'down' and start to 'spiral out of control' I would realize my own troubles were nothing compared to his, or that of others.  So I would 'regain my footing' and continue.  God Bless bless him.  I will never forget.

Posted by: Janice Flahiff
Mon October 26, 2020
Mr. Rozanski's government classes were among the very best when it came to what is now called "critical thinking". His approach to topics served me well when it came to quite a few college classes. His unique blend of humor and academic seriousness kept us focused. It was good to have many of our assumptions questioned in pursuit of what is just.

I will never forget one of his phrases "Get back in your cage", meaning one's desk. (Hoping I have the right CCHS teacher!).
Well, Mr. Rozanski, you are no longer in any kind of cage. You are most definitely with God and enjoying laughs. Including the exploits of Scooter Rozanski.

Posted by: Susan (Zdawczyk/Andersen) Stelmaszak
Mon October 26, 2020
Joette, so very sorry to hear of your dad's passing.   I certainly have good memories of him from CCHS, the bookstore and government class.   Many prayers for you.

Posted by: Charlotte Best
Mon October 26, 2020
Underneath Joe’s  “sarcastic,” humorous, and opinionated exterior was a man of wisdom, common sense, and great intelligence. Students were blessed to be in his classes, and teachers like me were blessed to be his colleague.

Joette, I have fond memories of your mother and father dancing together at faculty parties. They were such a smooth couple; now they’re smooth in heaven.

I am grieved to hear of Joe’s passing, but I was very fortunate to have known him. Rest In Peace.


Mon October 26, 2020
By far my favorite and the most influential teacher in my life. I still think of him and his wisdom, which was often hidden behind hilarious quips. He was brilliant as well as entertaining.
My condolences to Joe's family.

Rob Lucarelli
CCHS Class of '76

Posted by: Janice Marciniak
Mon October 26, 2020
Unforgettable. Mr. Rozanski taught us things that mattered.

Posted by: Kelly Murphy-Mahama(Rozanski)
Mon October 26, 2020
My sincere condolences to Joette. I know how hard it is to lose a father. My dad (Pete Rozanski) your uncle passed away in February. Your dad was my godfather and I wish I would have known him during his lifetime. May he Rest In Peace and my you find comfort knowing that he was a wonderful father to you and an amazing teacher to his Central Catholic students. Take care.
Sincerely, Kelly Murphy-Mahama (Rozanski) and family

Posted by: Ed Gralak
Mon October 26, 2020
Great Guy

Posted by: Brian Lau
Mon October 26, 2020
My favorite teacher no matter grade school, high school, or college. He was an influence, leader, and most importantly, a character builder. Will be missed and in my thoughts. Thank you for your service, teachings, and belief in me.

Posted by: Bill Sanford
Tue October 27, 2020
My prayers and thoughts are with the family of Joe Rozanski.  Mr. Rozanski was a great teacher and his class in Government was one of my favorites.  He was able to tie what was going on in the news and local government during his class. His teachings had a great influence on me and the career I chose. Class of 1972.

Posted by: Susan (Klocinski) Hallett
Sun November 01, 2020
What a loss to the world!  Mr. Rozanski was my Government teacher (class of '71 - GO IRISH!) and I remember him as a very intelligent and fair man.  I still quote him today!  
"Is this class a democracy or a dictatorship?  A DICTATORSHIP!!"
"The United States of America ENDS at this door!"
He made even the most complicated (to me) aspects of government understandable.
Mr. Rozanski will be missed but his legend lives on!  God Bless Him!

Posted by: Lori Szymanski
Sun November 01, 2020
I taught with Joe and worked with him at the Shamrock Shop--the center of common sense wisdom, with Joe at the helm. This was one of the greatest joys of my life.  When he went to part time, I would hear him come whistling down the hall as he arrived for the day and my day got instantly the better. He was funny and wise, faithful and good. I envision him and Teri dancing up in Heaven and him having great debates punctuated with humor with whomever he decides to converse. Sorry for your loss Joette and family. Thank you for sharing your dad with us.